Laser & Waxing

Laser using a Light Sheer Laser Diode it is effectively proven to remove unwanted hair. A consultation must be done to answer any questions and to give you as much information about the treatment as possible.


*All Laser prices are approximate. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so we kindly ask that you come in for a free consultation. You will be given a free assessment of the area and a more accurate quote.
Upper Lip $75.00
Chin $100.00
Face $150.00
Half Arm $175.00
Full Arm $225.00
Under Arm $100.00
Bikini $200.00
Brazilian $275.00
Half Leg – Lower $300.00
Half Leg – Upper $350.00
Half Leg – Upper & Bikini $475.00
Full Leg $650.00
Full Leg & Bikini $750.00
Shoulder from $150.00
Chest – Men from $300.00
Back – Men from $300.00


Waxing a non permanent hair removal, that is effective and easily removed with an Azulene based soft wax.
Eyebrows $18.00
Full Leg $60.00
Half Leg $50.00
Bikini $30 & up
Back $70 & up
Chest $70 & up
Underarm $20.00
Arm $50.00
Upper Lip $12.00